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Jul 9


holding in a fart all day and finally getting home


Jun 3

I love when

Girls in particular used to be hot, stuck up and bitchy, get fat. Karma is a bitch you lard.

Jun 2


Is what I am

Jun 2

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Jun 2

I feel

Pointless, purposeless the only thing I love is a shell of itself I’m second best insignificant I don’t even have control of me anymore I’ve never felt so low and so depressed


This. I’m doing this I’m changing today. Tomorrow starts my new life that I live for me


people who don’t text back straight away annoy me even though i am one of those people


Okay guys lets get this stuff unpacked.  Karen’s stuff…Some supplies…Karen…


Okay guys lets get this stuff unpacked.  
Karen’s stuff…Some supplies…Karen…

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"Whats ur zodiac sign?"


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this is like the most painful moment in any movie ever

Let’s talk about Little Miss Sunshine

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen it. But it’s the best fucking script I’ve ever read. And that’s coming from me, the screenwriting student. It’s been used as an example in every screenwriting class I’ve ever taken. It is gold. It accomplishes what all screenplays need to accomplish. It’s action description is used so economically. It’s flawless. It’s gold. It’s the template of success. I was handed this screenplay and told, “This is it. This is how you do it.”

Little Miss Sunshine, man. 

I like this movie and all, but I kind of just want the VW bus. 

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